Antibakteerinen kasvomaski, jossa korvien taakse asetettavat joustavat kiinnityslenkit. Kiinnityslenkin tikkauksen väri kertoo koon: M punainen ja L vihreä. M-koon maskin korkeus keskeltä edestä 13 cm ja leveys 21 cm. L-koon maskin korkeus keskeltä edestä 14,5 cm ja leveys 22 cm.

Face mask, antibacterial


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    Antibacterial face mask with flexible attachment loops placed behind the ears. The color of the stitching on the fastening loop indicates the size: M red and L green. The height of the M-size mask from the center of the front is 13 cm and the width is 21 cm. The height of the L-sized mask from the center of the front is 14.5 cm and the width is 22 cm.

    Material: 100% polyester tricot with antibacterial silver treatment. The treatment lasts 50 washes at a temperature of 90 degrees. The product is not personal protective equipment.

    Remember that the mask is not personal protection, so it does not give the user reliable protection against e.g. the coronavirus. The mask does not meet personal protective equipment regulations and does not have a CE mark. The mask does not meet the requirements of the FFP2/FFP3 protection level.
    The mask may protect other people from droplets spreading from the mask wearer's airways. The safety distance must always be maintained. Also follow the movement restrictions.

    You have to know how to use the face mask correctly, i.e. not to get pathogens on the face, and the protector should be changed often. A clean mask must be put on with clean hands. A dirty mask can be a virus spreader. The mask must remain clean - it must not be touched during use or removed from time to time. The mask is removed touching only its fastening straps. After use, the mask is put directly in the washing machine or in a plastic bag. Wash your hands and wash the mask after each use.

    According to the hygiene standard EN ISO 14065, thermal disinfection takes place in LAUNDRIES when the temperature of the washing phase is continuously at least 70 °C for 10 min. Washing at 70 degrees cannot be done in home machines, therefore THL recommends washing at 90 degrees for masks. If the customer has an industrial washing machine at the workplace, it can be adjusted to a temperature of 70 degrees.

    Wash instructions

    No bleach

    Tumble dry forbidden

    Ironing 150

    Chemical wash forbidden

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