Flexible protective clothing passes the inspectors' strict screening - domestic Image Wear develops solutions for comfortable wear even in demanding conditions

A-katsastus on käyttänyt Image Wearin työvaatteita jo useita vuosia. Suojaavat ja kestävät vaatteet saavat myös painatukset Image Wearin omassa painopalvelussa.

Workwear matters, especially when it requires a high level of protection and durability. However, it's the right fit and comfort of the clothes that truly make workdays better, despite the demanding conditions. This has also been noticed at A-Katsastus Group, where around 700 employees wear protective clothing developed and manufactured by the Finnish company Image Wear.

A-katstastus has chosen flexible and durable work clothes for its employees from Image Wear's selections.

- We have been ordering work clothes from Image Wear for over a decade. The users of the clothes are mainly A-Katsastus inspectors and Ajovarma examiners, says Jussi Katajamäki, Areal Director at A-Katsastus Group.

At A-Katsastus, employees wear work and protective clothing from head to toe, from headgear to softshell jackets and from shirts to safety shoes. Some of the protective clothing is printed with the logo of A-Katsastus or Ajovarma at Image Wear.

With cooperation, even more comfortable work clothes

The protective clothing models used by A-Katsastus are updated periodically, and this is prepared in a protective clothing project, which includes inspectors, examiners, supervisors, a representative from occupational health and safety, a procurement director, and a representative from Image Wear. In this joint project, protective clothing suitable for inspection and driving examination is selected and developed.

- The latest protective clothing has been particularly well-received due to its elastic properties, and it also looks modern. The shell jacket with high-visibility colours has also received praise, Katajamäki praises.

Janne Vettenranta, Key Account Manager at Image Wear, says that almost all large companies and organizations choose features for their workwear that suit their specific needs. They also want the appearance of the clothing to reflect their brand.

- With some customers, we develop innovations completely tailored to them. Our development team is constantly on the pulse of the times - listening and responding to our customers' needs.

Image Wear innovates products, but also new production methods and service models together with customers.

In the development work, the goal is to be a pioneer in the workwear industry

Development Manager Emma Kaappa confirms that Image Wear's ambitious goal is to be the first to adopt new solutions in the workwear industry.

- We monitor the workwear industry closely. For example, we attend fairs and conferences and participate in webinars. We also keep an eye on the most interesting players in the field, and we cooperate with various research and educational institutions.

Kaappa reminds that Image Wear doesn't innovate only concerning its products, but also constantly develops new production methods and service models, such as the Työvaatelainamo rental service designed together with customers.

Although development is constantly moving forward, there is one permanent and ever-growing trend in the workwear industry: comfort.

- And that is equal to fit, flexibility and practicality. By developing these, we make many people's working days better.

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