Now is the time to order clothes for summer employees!

Nyt on aika tilata kesätyöntekijöiden vaatteet!

Although there is still enough snow and frost, spring is almost around the corner. Summer and the arrival of summer workers are only a few months away. Now is the time to secure work clothes for summer employees that work and match the look of the company. Read tips for purchasing work clothes for summer employees here.

Buy pants - get a T-shirt on top of the deal!

In Image Wear's collection, you can find work clothes for all jobs - at least almost. Now a T-shirt (46724-K02 or 06102-989/211) for the buyer of regular-priced trousers - also capris and shorts - on sale. The offer does not apply to pants from the winter, senior and patient clothing collections. Add the T-shirt you want to the shopping cart, and we will automatically deduct the price of the cheapest T-shirt from the total at checkout. Buy pants for your whole team now, you can also get T-shirts for everyone!

Unisex T-shirt Warning T-shirt

Unisex t-shirts in the colors dark blue, white, red, turquoise, black and petrol blue and a warning t-shirt in the yellow attention color.

Our versatile selection of work clothes includes e.g. TOP fabrics of comfortable trousers, i.e. flexible work trousers.

1. Men's Flexy elastic pants / Women's Flexy elastic pants
2. Men's STIILI elastic pants / Women's STIILI elastic pants
3. VIRE Trekkings pants
4. VIRE 5-pocket unisex pants

5. Men's warning elastic trousers, size 1 / Women's warning elastic trousers, size 1
6. Men's warning elastic trousers, size 2 / Women's warning elastic trousers, size 2

Flexible and functional Image Wear work trousers top 6 listing.

Warning elastic pants in attention colors, custom sizes for men and women.

Unisex t-shirt with short sleeves, several colors.

Now T-shirts at a bargain price!

A T-shirt is the most comfortable workwear of the summer. Take advantage of the top offers now.

T-shirt, unisex 46724-K02 – rich color selection.
All colors at a promotional price of €6.50 (incl. VAT).

Warning t-shirts in eye-catching colors, short sleeves

Attention T-shirts 06102-211-945 and 06102-989-945 now at a special price of €14.50 (incl. VAT).

We also offer logos for work clothes quickly

You can also quickly get logos and other markings on work clothes from us. We do both printing and embroidery in the logistics center in Tampere. Read more about markings here.

Note! Promotions are valid for a limited time and on limited products.

The promotions are valid until June 15, 2023 or while stocks last. The prices are valid in the online store and in stores. Promotions cannot be combined with other promotions, discount or contract prices. If for some strange reason you end up returning the pants you bought (despite their excellence), remember to also return the T-shirt you got for free. If you want to keep the T-shirt, we will charge you for it.