Do you know the conditions under which your work clothes are made? Image Wear, known for its responsibility, knows how to tell this to its customers

Image Wearin kehitysjohtaja Kati Tukiainen kertoo, miten Kierre-palvelulla voidaan kierrättää vanhat työvaatteet kestäväksi materiaaliksi vaikkapa penkkeihin ja trukin lavoihin.

Responsibility increasingly influences consumer choices, but how many people think about where and by whom their own work clothes are made. According to Kati Tukiainen, the Sustainability Director at the Finnish workwear manufacturer Image Wear, the pressure for responsible workwear purchases usually comes from legislation or companies' and organizations' own responsibility goals, but also increasingly from their employees and customers.

- Climate change and biodiversity loss, and consequently also responsibility issues, are constantly in public discourse right now. That's why the users of work clothes and the customers of companies and organizations pay more attention to responsibility, says Tukiainen.

Image Wear manufactures workwear for all industries, and most of the products are made in the company's own factories in Estonia. For years, the family business has invested in ensuring that the supply chain from materials to finishing is as transparent as possible.

- We want to make sure that there are, for example, no human rights or other social violations in the production chain of our products. We know under what conditions and where our clothes are made, and we can tell that to our customers as well. Our entire staff is committed to our responsibility principles .

In Image Wear's model sewing room, the first model pieces of the new work clothes are produced.

The environment benefits when workwear has a long lifespan

Tukiainen emphasizes that in addition to the transparency of the supply chain, environmental issues interest customers regardless of the industry. For example, the longest possible lifespan for work clothes is one of the biggest environmental and responsibility actions.

- Behind our products are years of expertise, careful design work, and high-quality, durable materials developed for workwear to ensure the longest possible use. We always make clothes with the environment in mind, and we also utilize waste material, continues the Sustainability Director.

Image Wear's Aarre service recycles work clothes within the company from one employee to another. In this way, work clothes in good condition remain in use until the end of their useful life.

Image Wear offers its customers several solutions to keep workwear in efficient use for a long time, fsuch as repairing with the Vaatelaastari® patch or by using the Aarre service for used workwear. In addition, there is the Kierre® recycling service, which gives worn-out clothes a new life as raw material for durable and recyclable Cliff® composite products.

- By doubling the lifespan of a garment, we reduce climate emissions by 40%, so it has a significant impact, Tukiainen sums up.

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