Mustat reisitaskuhousut, joissa on kummassakin reidessä vetoketjulliset taskut. Vyötärölle mahdollista kiinnittää erikseen ostettavat riipputaskut. Vetoketjukiinnitys edessä.
Mustavalkoiset reisitaskuhousut, jossa vyötäröllä lenkit riipputaskuille. Kummassakin reidessä vetoketjulliset reisitaskut. Vetoketjukiinnitys edessä.
Mustavalkoiset reisitaskuhousut.

Men's elasticated trousers, Flexy


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    Finally, a pair of chunky cargo trousers  that are stylish and allow free movement during your workday. The elasticated waistband makes them comfortable to wear without a belt. Belt loops are included. There are also fasteners for hanging pockets.  Hanging pockets are available separately. Zipped pockets on both thighs, with a pocket for an access card and a small pocket for items such as a carpet knife on the left and a phone pocket and pen pocket on the right. Cordura stretch fabric on the knees and pockets for knee pads. The elasticated fabric on the front, back, crotch and for the hollow of the knees ensures excellent mobility and comfort. Extra 4 cm to let out on the legs. These trousers are suitable for a wide range of work activities, such as cleaning and industry. White elasticated Flexy trousers are ideal for jobs such as surface finishing or painting. Here, you can find similar trousers for women


    Polyesteri: 65.0%

    Puuvilla: 35.0%

    Wash instructions

    Maximum 60 degrees

    No bleach

    Careful tumble dry

    Ironing 110

    Chemical wash

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