Kokilla päällä takin alla keltainen viilentävä liivi keittiöön ja kokintyöhön.
Viilentävä liivi rakennustyömaalle ja muihin kehon lämpötilaa nostaviin työtehtäviin.
Cooling vest
Viilentävä liivi työn tehokkuuden lisäämiseen ja työssä jaksamiseen. Viilentää keskikehoa ja  auttaa palautumaan nopeammin.
Cooling vest
Cooling vest
Viilentävä liivi hoitotyöhön ja terveydenhoitoalalle.

Cooling vest


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    Cooling vest for hot working conditions. The purpose of the cooling vest is to cool the middle body and thereby help you last longer in hot working conditions such as in the kitchen, healthcare, construction site, fire and rescue work and the service industry. At a temperature of 33–34°C, a person working with moderate work capacity loses 50% of his working capacity. The vest can be cooled at room temperature below 18 degrees or in the refrigerator. Quick cooling can also be done in the freezer. The vest stays cool for 1-4 hours when taken out of the refrigerator. Cleaning with water, cloth and/or disinfectant. The vest can be cleaned with a disinfectant, so it works hygienically when shared with a work team. One size unisex model. Tightening/fastening straps on the sides.

    USDA certified organic product. Non-toxic, no corrosive substances, and not harmful if it hits a wound. More information about the vest and its use in the Helsinki store !

    Watch the video about the cooling vest here!

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