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Lumenen menekinedistäjien uudet työmekot ovat pitkän ja syvällisen yhteistyön tulosta.
Image Wearilla on ollut ilo olla työvaatteiden kautta rakentamassa Lumenen imagoa ja henkilöstön Parempia työpäiviä.

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Suomen Laatutakuu Palvelut Oy

Quality assurance implemented a new look for work clothes in cooperation with Image Wear. The collaboration between Quality Guarantee and Image Wear has lasted for over ten years, ensuring entrepreneurs clean, functional and suitable work clothes. Now the look of the work clothes was renewed and the color black was added to the collection.

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Abloy Oy

Abloy Oy launched a workwear service targeted at locksmith businesses, where the businesses have the opportunity to use the service negotiated by Abloy. One of the purposes of the new workwear service is to improve Abloy's visibility at installation sites and to make a functional and affordable service available for Abloy authorized locksmith businesses. 
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In spring 2019, around 2200 VR employees received a new workwear, as the uniforms of conductors, train drivers, waiters in restaurant cars and service personnel in ticket booths at stations were renewed. 
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Ratikka in Tampere

The trams and workwear of Ratikka in Tampere have a coordinated colour scheme: red and black with white highlights. Designs of this collection proceeded from the VR workwear. Both collections were designed and executed in cooperation with Image Wear Oy. 
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